Been building some leadcore rods for some guys for a couple years now and the shorter ones are rainshadow glass blanks that are labeled as bass crankbait blanks. Add to Cart. Black top with Silver sides (Minnow) They have a distinctive flicker when retrieved hence the name.​. When the water temperature reaches 70 degrees and above during the mid summer peak, it’s time to think aggressive as the walleye feeding and its metabolism rate is peaking, high action crankbaits are the best choice. They aren't exactly what you are looking for and a lot of guys look down on Flicker Shads but I have caught a pile of fish on Flicker Shads through the years. This is the most popular type and the most versatile crankbait lure designed to imitate a thin bodied baitfish. test line. Copyright text 2018 by Professional Walleye Trail. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Wally diver from Cotton Cordell is a killer on the troll. The best walleye crankbaits imitate smaller bait fish that the walleye will naturally feed on. You could easily pick a few 100 crankbaits and every one of them would produce fish depending on your location, time of year and weather. The action sought is a top-to-bottom roll maximizing the side flash that trigger walleyes to bite. During the Summer as the forage growth increases the best size is 3″-4.” When Fall arrives and the remaining forage is fully grown use 5″-6″ as walleyes are fatting up for winter. The presentation is an erratic jerk pause type of retrieve, when stopped the lure will remain suspended and motionless in the water. Light chartreuse or other dull natural shades can also work well. Paste as plain text instead, × If someone were to make an unpainted original floater, I'd buy the whole dang lot. The second group of plugs refer to the action of the lure provided by the angler in the retrieve. The type of colors that you choose when fishing with crankbaits for walleye like most other lures will generally depend on the weather or in other words how bright the sun is shining. All lure companies provide the running/diving depth of each lure on their box or packaging. I just got an airbrush and started painting some jerkbaits.   You cannot paste images directly. The largest group of walleye crankbaits are slender type stick bait to replicate minnows, other types of bodies include shad, smelt, perch, and cisco shaped baits displaying a wider body profile in order to “match the hatch” of forage depending on the body of water you’re fishing. Thanks. Walleye crankbait action is classified by “three sub-categories”, subtle action, moderate action and high action. Walleye Crankbait Colors. The Red Eye Shad from Strike King is one of the best lipless lures available. Freshwater game fish are predatory by nature there also opportunistic and will take advantage of any food source presented to them to fill their feeding needs. One step at a time. Strike King Walleye Elite Lucky Shad 3 inch Medium Diving Crankbait Walleye Lure. Patterned naturals - perch/trout and pike patterns are all highly effective. CUSTOM PAINTED BANDITS. I am just looking for suggestions on some unpainted blanks that someone has had some success trolling for walleyes with. Lake Erie Wind, Wave, and Modis Info. Name: * Please specify how you would like your invoice to come. You can buy blank flicker shad bodies from the FishUSA website. This imitation combined with an irresistible action or wobble forces the walleye to strike the crankbait lures really hard. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. All Silver Chrome or White, Structure Orientated Forage: Perch, Suckers, Crawfish, Minnows   Pasted as rich text. Contact Us, Bandits Walleye Deep Stock,. Diving lures will run at depths from just under the surface at 1 foot to 20 feet or greater. They work extremely well. Black top with Gold sides  (Sucker) The lure is designed using an internal weight system or a weighted tape to achieve neutral buoyancy. Welcome to the Dark Side. 2721 LPO Pro Series Hard Body Blanks (5pk), Free Shipping on Orders Over $150 (US Only). Overly bright and flashy colors will work best on dark days or in darker water. Combined with the vast array of colors and different brands available the choices are seemingly endless. Seems to work pretty dang well. Big Fish Tuff. This is my favorite way to fish walleyes in 3 to 7 foot of water. Very good lure for finicky fish that follows and don’t bite. As the water temperature increases during late spring into early summer to 50 to 60 degrees it’s time for moderate action. I do a lot of original floater repaints. Dark Green top Chartreuse sides orange belly (Firetiger) Our unpainted fishing lure blanks are available in a wide variety of styles: magnum, agile flasher, crankbait, lipless, hard body, laser eyez, minnow, rattle shad, baitfish shad, popper and more! These are classified as gliders, jerkbaits and twitch baits, the action of the each lure is achieved through a series of cadence pulls, strong jerks, or short stop and go techniques. Here’s a simple guideline of basic successful colors: Open Water Suspended Forage: Shad, Shiners, Ciscoes, Alewives, Smelt Makes you look at everything in a store differently. Most big manufacturers don't make "blanks" to sell to the public. Just be aware that water temperature and sunlight are of course closely linked, but what season you are fishing in will generally have a larger impact on the water temperature. I'm usually getting used baits from people so I do a light sanding and clear coat them right away. Walleye crankbait action is classified by “three sub-categories”, subtle action, moderate action and high action. Crankbaits can be trolled / cranked providing a side-to-side wobble flash that triggers walleyes, or “jerked” a stop & go retrieve displaying a erratic action appealing to sluggish biters. Blackpowder, Rifles, Etc. × Casting them on light spinning tackle can be a lot of fun and trolling with the larger sizes has produced many specimen walleye.​. However I would like to paint some deeper diving walleye type crankbaits or trolling. These thin bodied lures do not have a diving lip and are attached to the line with the eye on top of the head, resulting in a tight wiggle. Something went wrong. You can cover a large area by working each cast over a large arc across the sand flat.​. At wLure we offer a large range selection on our blank lure bodies, including unpainted blank crankbait bodies, unpainted blank minnow jerkbait bodies, unpainted blank lipless bodies, unpainted blank topwater popper bodies and unpainted swimbait bodies.We also have quality treble hooks, split rings and variant colors 3D lure eyes for your lure building.

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