Charge details are delimited by semicolons and charges are delimited by line breaks with multiple hyphens. On this page you can report misdemeanor crimes of vandalism, annoying/harassing phone calls, petty theft, and theft of mail*. Please understand that you are always welcome to make your report by telephone (707-565-2650), or in person at one of our stations, or you can call our Dispatch Center (707-565-2121) to have a Deputy Sheriff respond to your location to meet with you for a crime report. The excited delirium death occurred on Nordyke Avenue in Santa Rosa, California. Machine readable data provides easier access for the community and is compatible with tools designed for sight impaired users. Welcome to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office Online Crime Reporting Page. In partnership with our communities, we commit to provide professional, firm, fair, and compassionate public safety services with integrity and respect. This fatal shooting involved the Windsor Police Department. Our citizen’s academy is designed to teach local residents about our Departments operations and give them a better understanding of law enforcements role in the community. We will continue to review this project with hopes of expanding this option to cities of Windsor and Sonoma, where we provide our contract police services. On October 16, 2013, Mr. Christopher Augustin, while under the influence of a high level of methamphetamine, died as a result of cardiopulmonary arrest during a struggle with officers from the Santa Rosa Police Department who were attempting to take him into custody. Location information has been generalized to the nearest intersection. The new report includes a list of recommendations to Santa Rosa officials, among them an independent review of the Santa Rosa Police Department’s … Charge details are delimited by semicolons and charges are delimited by line breaks with multiple hyphens. The Chief of Police of the department is Edwin F Flint. This page exists for your convenience as an alternative reporting method, if you prefer to use it. If you’d like a copy of your report, please call 707-565-2204 or click here, Request a Report Copy/Public Records Request. The Healdsburg Police Department invoked the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Employee-Involved Fatal Incident Protocol. If no further information is required, a crime report number will be assigned to your incident and you will be notified by e-mail that your report has been approved and a copy is available for a fee. The decedent was 48-year-old Urbano Morales of Windsor. Find Sonoma County, CA arrest records, warrants, criminal reports and mugshots online. Reports regarding each review and finding have been forwarded to the Grand Jury, as set forth in the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Chiefs’ Protocol. By doing so, it is hoped that the public will have a better understanding of the dynamics in play when an incident occurs requiring the invocation of the law enforcement employee involved fatal incident protocol. The death was found to be due to "excited delirium" and occurred at a residence located in Santa Rosa, California. The role of the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office in a law enforcement employee involved fatal incident is to: The District Attorney is not charged with reviewing the administrative policies of the involved law enforcement agency, or determining whether the involved employee has violated any agency rules, regulations or conditions of employment. On November 18, 2013, Wayne Courtright Jr., 58, died as a result of a single gunshot wound that was sustained when he was shot by an on-duty deputy sheriff employed by the Sonoma County Sheriffs Office. Jail personnel cut the sheet the deceased was hanging from and administered CPR until AMR Medics arrived. The data can be linked using the agency and case number fields to track our workflow from Event to Incident and Arrest.

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