Need to seal the fore end since there can be blowback autoloader that is essentially maintenance-free. Longer shells obscure some of the ports as they produce more gas to cycle the gun. trigger, extremely light weight and a better than average recoil pad. In an industry that’s been around for hundreds of years that’s probably not as easy as it may seem. I will watch and see. less together in 2010, the Vinci has proved to be one of the most innovative and It is a remarkably soft shooting shotgun and easily the cleanest shooting. MSRP: $995 (about $850 street…the black version MSRP’s for $895,  about $750 street). Does it justify the extra $400 for the Versa Max? CMP Club News: Oak Ridge Sportsmen’s Association High Power Club Holds Fall Civilian Marksmanship Program Clinic, 116th Congress most Historic in this Age for Sportsmen and Women as America’s Conservation Enhancement Act (S. 3051…, CITIZEN ANNOUNCES ITS NEWEST PROMASTER: THE WORLD’S FIRST LIGHT- POWERED SATELLITE GPS DIVER’S WATCH, RCBS® Pro Shooters Qualify for AG Cup, Wagner Wins Toyota Series Event on Dale Hollow Lake While quite functional, a ridiculously heavy trigger, harsh Required fields are marked *. Remington claims that its V3 is “the softest-recoiling auto in the field.” The company proudly shows a graph of the V3 compared to autoloaders from Browning, Benelli, Beretta and Winchester wherein the V3 delivers its recoil over the longest period of time at the lowest peak force. Well done Remington, well done indeed! You will appreciate the minimal recoil when shooting heavy loads. However, I can afford but don’t like them! And now to price. It would look good laying in a corn field. Bankers in two-piece suits were directing traffic to allow cops to get up on the interstate and deal with the wreckage and injured. Wish I’d never parted with it. I think Remington has “jumped the shark” in gas auto design with the new V3 and I also believe that if a person tries one he will be sold. I figured that might simulate real world conditions we experience after a day in the field. While Remington’s recent history was rife with quality control issues, the V3’s extremely well put together. You'll note that there are more thumbs-up models Stay away from Remington. Months ago, I put a stake in the ground here on TTAG when I said it isn’t really possible to build a quality gun for under $1K any more. Or the Browning. Minor quibbles 800-766-1670 | 207-594-9544 – Trinidad is a hole. So, what separates the Waterfowl Pro from its Versa Max cousins? The action incorporates several of the improvements that the Waterfowl Pro has over the V3 Field Sport. He said he was sending it back to them, but I’ve never thought to ask where they are with it. I’ll be archiving that for the future. Best choice ever. The stock is 14¼” long, including the super-soft SuperCell rubber pad. I left with my reliable gun shop and they knew exactly what went wrong. Not many waterfowl guns can say that. loads right out of the box. After the short-lived (2006-’09) 105CTi gas gun, in 2010 Remington came out with its Versa Max semi-auto, which continues today. No “O” ring. Fortunately, the Okies take care of their guests. reasonable seven pound weight and a ComforTech stock that is a huge improvement Good to know. The trigger guard is oversized to accommodate shooting with gloves on. Did you train at Twenty Nine Palms? I should send Remington a picture of the quick disconnect ball bearing and socket system on my Fabarm XLR left hand semi. Weatherby (SA-08) and Mossberg (930) can compete on features and price, but the V3’s gas system is a step above. The food in the Murray State cafe’ is OK, but nothing special. Might want to re-read the review. I don’t care if we got 6′ of snow tomorrow, I’d cheerfully shovel it rather than deal with what the Okies do. Not really. The trigger pull on our gun was 5½ pounds and quite crisp, with only a little takeup. The first time around, it was struggling to feed, which we attributed to needing to be broken in. Given that the standard Versa Max shotgun was introduced in 2010, let's just touch on a couple key points before getting into the new duck-related features. 680 Commercial StreetRockport, Maine 04856 You can purchase the Remington for anywhere between $525 and $650 if you look around. Before you discount Remington for your next shotgun purchase, take a look at the Versa Max lineup and see for yourself just how great these shotguns are. What’s a couple of ounces between friends? The gas action design on the V3 is a paradigm shift from all other gas guns. There’s not many places to eat out there. 3. Although the Maxus retains the heavy triggers of most The charging handle is somewhat larger than that on the Field Sport, to provide a little easier grip. The receiver is shorter than the Versa Max, with a natural consequence of a shorter length of reach. The tested shotgun is one of the most highly anticipated shotguns of the year. I’m going to take a Gunsmithing class when my schedule allows it. The guard measures roughly 1 3/4 inches. New is often not better but in my opinion this group did an excellent job. Length of Pull: 14 1/4 inches If you’re ever in the SoCal area, and you like scotch, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Looking to get a new shotgun and I'm looking at the Remington Versa Max. Mind you, I’ve been into a bunch of 1100’s and 87’s. The crisp trigger was much appreciated. I have a V3 and really like it.My only gripe is when feeding a shell into the magazine tube,when taking my thumb away the shell carrier comes down and traps it in.There is too much of a gap and the opening down the center of the carrier contributes to the problem.Ihave to use my left hand to hold the shell carrier up while putting the shells in right-handed.I am considering getting rid of it because of this. They were similar in nature: A uniform 30 inches in breadth, with a dense cluster averaging 75 pellets (just under 50 percent of the pattern) in the middle 15 inches. For perspective, my current go-to duck gun—which doesn't always allow me the hand-wear I'd like—is about a quarter-inch narrower. – Their labs are spotless and well-equipped. When Remington came out with the Versa Max, they created a new choke system they call the ProBore. Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of Why not? Or a magnum revolver. The rear of the stock has a molded-in sling swivel for the included sling. Is the Remington Versa Max the more versatile and reliable shotgun on the market? Great review, I have been looking into buying a Remington v3 and I think your review is the needed push to make me purchase it. Remington appears to be moving back to a quality product, at least shotgun wise. Our V3 Waterfowl Pro came in a cardboard box with the three chokes, a flat stamped choke wrench, a trigger padlock, a magazine plug, three fiber-optic plastic front sights, four stock-adjustment shims, a pretty good manual and Remington’s wonderful lifetime guarantee. The finish is the difference. First, there's the oversized, extended bolt handle, a design borrowed from tactical shotguns in the Remington lineup. I can hardly say enough nice things about the folks in Oklahoma. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If someone is really bent on using a 3.5″ 12ga shell, I’d recommend they step up to a 10ga gun. In turn these rods push against two long, thin recoil springs on the action sides, and this spring pressure cycles the action. You can throw the gun in the bottom of your duck boat, and your dog can jump on it all it wants. However, the moment I became sold on the Waterfowl Pro occurred at the range. After nearly 500 rounds of ammo — ranging from light one-ounce skeet loads to heavy three-inch steel waterfowl and lead turkey rounds — the V3 took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’. It’s not super light, but lighter than my O/U and no problem carrying it all day. Remington wants to make a cheaper, crappier shotgun to obscure the fact that you can’t buy a quality shotgun for under $1K any more. Just fine in the Benelli because of the shrouding, but the Remington will spit the pin, firing pin & firing pin spring out the back of the bolt every 500 rounds or so if you don’t check it. I shot my V3 next to a Benelli Super Vinci and SBE II. I’ve been working on this for three weeks now, and nothing but runaround from Remington. The V3 is the superior shotgun. Thanks so much!!! Because you have to. Now months later and Remington hasn’t returned it fixed. That’s a heck of a price when you compare it to what some other semi-autos are going for. It only makes sense to respond to that demand.". Remington Versa Max Waterfowl Shotgun Review by Edward Gramza IV, Remington Versa Max Waterfowl in Mossy Oak Duck Blind camo, SOG Trident Tigerstripe Review by Mitch Strobl. These included Winchester, Remingtons, Brownings, Berettas, etc. Fine motor skills tend to break down during frigid, late-season hunts, but this feature takes them out of the equation. Crap. These adjustments tailor the gun to the shooter, of course, but also allow tweaks late in the year should a heavy parka alter your dimensions. In 2015 Remington added the V3 Field Sport, which used somewhat the same action as the Versa Max but was lighter and only shot 2¾” and 3″ shells.

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