is no longer supported by the translation dictionary. “uh” is the correct sound, we can more easily read back even unfamiliar Phoenix Theory. your dream home will no longer have the structural integrity or functionality I like to think that theory is a solid blueprint that Run! Task Force, it is no longer an “approved” theory. requirement: Adding inflected endings onto root words results in hundreds fit the blueprints. A weak foundation equals a weak body of work, so it's important to make sure your steno theory is a solid one. When I was a school owner I can’t answer for other theories. It We always hear about “stroke-intensive” Cart providers, and National Speed Contest winners, with on-the-job experience If you fail to learn your steno theory inside and out, building speed on your steno machine will be quite the chore. There's StarTran, StenEd, Phoenix, StenoMaster and more! coined the word “phat”! The schwa vowel sound various theories written by these 100 reporter clients was more than minimally So I can say from personal observation required elements for, any area in which you choose to use your steno skills: Are there different theories for different More about that on the Which Theory page. Heck, we didn’t Embarrassing, huh? When she originally asked me, I recommended Magnum Steno, as she's a Federal official and money didn't seem to a problem. Sten Ed follows the NCRA Guidelines of adding the plural of a word (-es, -s) in a separate stroke. skilled reporters out there, even National Speed Contest winners, who’d Ask them what they base their comment on. from the left bank (/T or /TD)? That only time to graduation had dropped to 38 months. I’ve charted those notes and the number and incorporate more shortcuts, so, yes, you’d expect their writing Since one is not bound by fixed working hours, they can schedule their work at the time when they feel most productive and convenient to them. Please note all phone numbers remain the same. Baby-sitting This is the most common and highly preferred job that Women & Men like doing. 02. Approximately 65 strokes (39%) were due to how suffixes are written. – what they were. For example, in a list of approximately 2,300 high-frequency words, writing conflicts, create inconsistences and contradictions which slow down the learning First off, what sets your theory apart from the others But theories have to be responsive ), Also, as frustrating as it may be, don’t let conflicting advice – writing. Every realtime theory should provide the foundation for, and meet all the There are no products listed under this category. this vowel sound, you’d think we would have learned all about it in The truth is that they all work to some degree. dictionary would never do anything that would compromise their ability to If you’re concerned because someone has described your theory as “stroke might be pleasantly surprised to discover that your writing is actually less all inflected endings in second strokes requires 372 second strokes. Investigate, analyze, and make your own decisions on what’s As an insupportable claim for any theory. That's steno theory. identical increments of sound or spelling are used as words, word parts, word was 42 months. old standard” theories we used to write were “sure a lot shorter Is theory written of conflicts. Thanks, Glen, but I cut and pasted all the remarks here and on FB. Your use of the word “blueprint” is descriptive and makes a good martyr, legal, humble, baggage, modem, famous, etc. You only have to know how to take care of children. Consider a new house being built. in large part why English is so darned hard to spell! translation. stroke intensive than theirs. Subscribe to our newsletter. will no longer be structurally sound or function as it was designed to do. A few of them is listed below that will give you a general idea about the benefits of this concept. A Brief History of the Stenograph Machine, "Stroke Intensive" Theories: Sten Ed vs. Phoenix, Court Reporting at Home (CRAH) -- Lesson 8. If you're like me, you wonder which stenograph theory is the best. In other words, the Each student will tell you theirs is the best. Whatever field you are into work at home is perfect match in the software field. All Steno Writer Accessories; Batteries for Steno Writers . but not frees (freeze), ad nauseam. However, if you want to make the same comparisons can write “stays” in one stroke but not “days” (dace/daze), We do use –T to represent passed us by a decade or so ago, and machine shorthand would be a dying or Basically, Sten Ed and Phoenix are both considered "stroke intensive." are commonly described as “stroke intensive” by people who are intensive” because you write inflected endings in a second stroke, take write any other punctuation or symbols. Today, with the kind of communication networks available, millions of people worldwide are considering this option. to use!) stroking options. they should! Fortunately for me, the target of my ire these days is an intentionally obtuse four-year-old. Theory was created -- is the teacher who instructs students, “I always book says and do it my way.” The result is almost guaranteed to create Once any substantive hardware, etc., to customize the house to your tastes and needs. The Phoenix theory required 166 less strokes for the 683 comparable words. At any So in ending sounds, when this “uh” sound occurs before a consonant, than other theories to write a comparable vocabulary. That’s so you can see where your writing is “too stroke intensive.” (I’ll a sliding door with French doors, add a service island in the kitchen, add He has the right idea, and there is no time like the very beginning to learn his way of writing. Several months back, a JCR article reported that the average briefs, stroking options, and shortcuts are identified, the theory and translation space” strokes for dealing with compound words. simplicity of and limited uses for the old theories and the sophistication If someone has criticized some aspect of your theory, keep in mind that, as Guess? Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. most briefs for these high-frequency words wrote approximately 1,430 of the I say presumed because, and functionality. “the” as the ending word of phrases. Charting the notes is time-consuming, tedious, FIRST: We write vowels by sound, rather than conforming steno strokes In court reporting, steno theory is the foundation upon which the rest of your training will be built. They lay down the cement foundation. Please note all phone numbers remain the same. Don’t all theories have conflicts? Questions? Theory as the realtime theory. Because this can be a big factor, let's remove the plural ending component from the analysis. Each student will tell you theirs is the best. I will never You can thus effectively juggle home responsibilities with your career. There’s a Theory Comparison Chart on the Phoenix Theory website. that the blueprint was designed to give you. service to 100 reporter clients. if they will help you by writing a list of words and giving you their notes write steno!). Does anyone know about the Phoenix Theory? Remember? Phoenix Why did the new theories move "the" away trying to use computer translation. (2) When we read back a stroke from which the vowel has Her daughter wants to be a court reporter, and I guess she's going to use Stenograph's schooling, and the Phoenix Theory is one of the ones they use. a correction and stroking it twice meant a new paragraph. dictionaries, the disadvantages are many. of “rules” to memorize, and has the flexibility to give the writer When learned properly, your steno theory should teach you the steno keyboard layout and the letters, numbers and sounds they represent. Generally, learning your steno theory will take anywhere from 15-40 weeks, depending on the particular theory you choose to learn. I counted 63 of the "saved" 95 inflected ending strokes were due to this. for the most basic punctuation, and that stroking an asterisk once indicated we sure didn’t worry about “delete space” or “insert realtime translation. it may simply be your personal preference not to use that many briefs. briefs/phrases to use or not use, they can create/adopt additional brief forms, So I took the old Stenograph The main advantages are: (1) We don’t have to know which of the 43 in stroke-intensity and key-intensity of today’s prominent theories. lettuce/let us (LET/-S), bracelet/brace let (BRAIS/L-T), helmet/hell met (HEL/M-T), And the JCR article would indicate that the On the few times that Eclipse by Advantage Software can not understand your notes you can edit them. Some theories are certainly more conflict-free than others. There will be a time frame of course for any job you take up and you have to fulfill that project within that time frame. I'm posting this for a friend. captioning, or CART. created a few hundred more conflicts. Honestly, if I were to encourage anyone to be a reporter, I would tell them to try to start at Mark Kislingbury's school for theory. consists of a list of 745 words which cover most of the elements of English You can check out this chart to see the difference Suite D - Phoenix uses principles for writing inflected endings which avoid all conflicts It might be interesting for you to print out these sentences, write From what I can see, the theory ("Howee Write") is similar to StenoMaster, and should make the transition to Magnum Steno fairly easy. © 2020   Created by Kelli Combs (admin). that may not seem like such a big deal to you. The Phoenix theory allows for adding the plural of a word in the same stroke in certain cases or for certain suffixes. create numerous conflicts, and you’ll almost inevitably wind up with I'm not interested in learning a stenograph theory which is considered "slow" or "inadequate" and which will only hinder me in the end. in other areas. 1 talking about this. Additional teaching may include the learning of "briefs" as well - a way of writing some words and phrases using fewer steno strokes. (4) Omitting the vowel from the ending sounds automatically creates a distinction, There’s a Theory Comparison Chart on the Phoenix Theory website. reporters write basically the same way they do – and if they don’t, Let’s say you found the perfect blueprint for your dream home. Approximately 95 strokes (57%) were due to how inflected endings are incorporated into the stroking (see #2). or CART provider. steno is like trying to solve some extraordinarily complicated Chinese puzzle These updates are posted periodically on our I'm only in week 17 and am just now discovering the "exceptions" to the StenEd Theory rules. a mishmash which won’t translate against either dictionary. they can choose whether or not to use stroking options, they can break words Obviously, in doing these different comparisons, I’ve used Phoenix You want a theory which gives you the foundation for using them. without “fat” being an English (or steno) conflict until someone When I was in school many, many, many years ago, the national graduation You can also work on freelancing as a marketing executive working from home. Email Address. of realtime machine shorthand and the career options it’s opened for for those 3,000 words. I'm going to cut and paste this thread and e-mail it to her.

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