The fourth was harder and caused a rock spire to extend from where he hit, the fifth was almost like a normal bullet except when it hit the ground it caused a tree to sprout, literally. Secondly she has the same ability for lightning. (Laughs) (Envisions Kyuubi talking in Scottish)(Laughs)(Imagines Kyuubi talking in Scottish while playing the bagpipes and wearing that dress like clothing) (Nearly dies from laughing.) "Want to give up? He was dressed like a civilian! For one it's a virtual Pandora's box, every evil ever unleashed is stored inside the orb, and the orb can create new ones. A rather bubbly youth yelled out. So is being able to use all chakra natures not part of SPSM or what? Jade Orb: This orb's purpose is singular. He finishes. Now you're likely wondering, how did they get their strength? This is, like the other elemental orbs, bordering godly in control. Darkness Orb: This is the worst orb to mankind. Before he knew it, six other bullets had whizzed by him, grazing him deliberately. There was little indication of her life orbs, the two she had at least, and the only difference was that it occasionally shifted to a light bluish tint. The Jade Orb is the orb of spiders, Blue Orb: This is a very powerful orb. Aizous eyes had gotten three concentric gray circles surrounding his blue green eyes. You shouldn't use the Last as an example. Naruto lost 3 to Madara, 3 to Kaguya, and 3 to Sasuke. Judging by the looks of my teammates, they would help, and your life would be hell. Edit: looking back at the video of the anime when he heals Guy, it does make it seem like it's the seal that is doing the healing. By 8 they had learned the Kaiten, due to a bit of help from Aizou, and then they all moved to the training grounds, Kaitlyn and Cheyenne trying to prevent from throwing up, Kaitlyn in particular. Finally it gives her super speed. Hagaromo bless you. It is a black orb, and the color truly represents it's alignment. The armor went up to his neck, where it extended to over his eyes, forming a visor. She seemed to have an immense, almost godly, control over water and ice. Cheyenne and Kaitlyn simply chuckled at his antics and gave him a playful slap on the back of the head. Then again this isn't the manga and it's SP's interpretation of Kishimoto's work, I don't think it is ever stated he can't get more of the tso and doesn't really make since that he couldn't get them back or remake them, otherwise why would he just leave them everywhere when there so useful naruto's dumb but I don't think he's that dumb. At least Kakashi couldn't turn everything he did against him. Naruto and Sakura were about to reject the idea, but Sasuke interrupted them. The only people who would think Naruto somehow doesn't have Six Paths Sage mode anymore have no idea what SPSM is in the first place. Aizou suggested, amused. Kaitlyn had just discovered the Kaiten, and had drawn a sketch of where the tenketsu points were on both Aizou and Cheyenne. Now let's start over!" He then laid down in a laidback stance and seemingly fell asleep. The last woman dressed like a civilian as well. "Uchiha Cheyenne vs Uzumaki Naruto, Hajime!". He possessed three, and both Cheyenne and Kaitlyn possessed two. Light Orb: Not much is known about this orb, in fact even less is known than the darkness orb. Everyone else collectively sweat dropped. Kaitlyn agreed. "Stop acting like an idiot." Although Kakashi was disturbed by what he said about the Rinnegan, he eye smiled, he had hoped that Aizou would show some of his powers. He wore a simple dark green t-shirt underneath and blue baggy jeans. Hatred can be beneficial at times, but most times it is but a nuisance that can get you killed. Pearl Orb: This orb gives her control over space. The Blue Orb is affiliated with weasels. They will be appearing as will some I won't mention. It changed from black, to a rainbow like prism, to amber, to a coral like color, before changing back to black. Oh well. Add in to the fact that Aizou's Rinnegan allows him to manipulate the six main chakras in addition to his own, and you've got a powerful weapon. Did that man really have power over time? He mainly uses it for animals, to turn into one, but he has rarely used it to transform into something else, like mist. In fact just a few steps can immobilize the person, so one must only use their hands, right? That didn't stop him from fainting anyway however. Sasuke sighed. You Cheyenne possess the Sharingan. Once there, Aizou vanishes and reappears with several scrolls. he whispered to the other two. Anything she can think up in a poison, she can create. It also leads to quite humerous situations since the wielder is Scottish…. They can also stop time, though there is a risk. Weekly Shōnen Jump Issue 41 Author Comments. "Damn." Friendship is the best thing you can have. In other news, good job Kaitlyn, you really kicked his ass! Long story short, he still have it and will always keep it until he died. Yin Release uses spiritual energy and Yang Release uses physical energy, which are the two components of chakra. "Meh, it runs in my blood. Unlike the Red Orb, these poisons she can create from nothing. It allows her to manipulate water and ice, and the gods are the only beings that can rival her control over the said elements with this orb or the other orbs that give control over something. He got away with a few burns and shocks, but nothing really major. First from black, to a prismatic rainbow, to amber, to coral. It is for this reason that she is the torture specialist of the group. "Got'cha. His strikes however are weak, and thus he needs to use bladed weapons to cause any real damage. He obtained the Amber Orb(which is pure support while the other is practically pure offense) in order to bring back someone special to him. It created a deep hole. By using Henge, the Bunshins can turn into a sort of sticker, and the orbs power affects all his clones, therefore making training possible. However, by touching the affected person with his body and maintaining contact, the orb allows the affected person to walk as freely as Aizou can, however it causes extreme sickness. Each one was infused with a different elemental chakra. How then can anyone besides Aizou train in it? He states quite confidently. They each have one super strong orb ( Prism, Jade, Pearl) and the other orbs balance it. A vast expanding mass of chaos with power to reshape the world by obliterating it to nothing first. He only assumed the last part, basing it off of his own eyes. I'll explain a couple other orbs as well. The drills all rushed towards Zabuza who barely dodged it, but in doing so he let Kakashi free. The gray circles, like his pupil, seemed to shift between the very same colors. Aizou smirked. He hands them each three scrolls, one had jutsus, one had history, and one had their taijutsu style. and several episodes in each arc, plot wise at least. 'Probably an effect of the life orbs.' They are going to be playing major roles in the story. Had Haku betrayed him? It's more of an illusion inducing power, but if it's used to it's full potential., then it can be just as strong as the Prism Orb. She was confused, for once in her life. It gives her complete control over poisons. Aizou had suddenly appeared beside the blond haired teen, and a second girl walked to the other side of the blond. Naruto and Gang are thrown into a room. The user is often immortal and only dies from wounds, because the wielder can literally stop their aging. Besides, it lightens the mood." ", "Try 2:00 in the morning. Hmm.. However he has only used the latter once, and it knocked him out for a month afterwards. No, that was impossible, Haku liked him too much, so how?Suddenly the ice shattered and formed sharp spikes which impaled the clone. What about Naruto's Jesus healing powers with Kakashi's eye and Guy's life spirit? I won't give the animals with these. If that happens you won't be any use to anybody, much less yourself. Basically the three are balanced. The orbs had an extra effect, they could give the user powerful armor in addition. "Listen here emo-teme, the next time you try to attack a fellow ally during a spar after you admit defeat, I will personally castrate you. "We're in Mizu no Kuni, the Land of Water. It also allows you to see through genjutsu's, and you can see through solid objects. Anyway, a bit of information about this. "Guys, you're no match for him, RUN! All three nod to each other. "Unknown to the three, they had a listener... Kakashi couldn't believe what he was hearing. My friend is also an editor to this story, so I hope you enjoy our work. Due to his muscles constantly being destroyed and rebuilt, Aizou has an immense stamina, in fact his stamina equals Naruto's in 1-tail form. She had long brown hair, that cascaded down her back. He however, also guessed that those shifting pupil colors had something to do with her powers, though he couldn't figure out just what. It has other effects, but these are the most known ones. The red orb is affliated wtih cats. Why is it our eyes are like this?! I am in my 3rd rewrite of Urahara Naruto Chapter 2, and I mean complete re-write. Although you could also talk about the topping too. With that he vanished but not before tossing back his kunai and walking calmly over to his friends. If you are an avenger, then live life, life it to the fullest. Just what were those three? Why is it that our vision is different!?" Either way, it requires someone dead. The green orb is a very scholarly orb. "I'm sorry I kinda..uh..forgot about how it feels for the first time." That's when this story starts and also when everyone really starts to get much stronger than canon allows. "Here you go Kaitlyn, Cheyenne. Cheyenne's eyes nearly made Sasuke have a heart attack from shock.

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