we have devotion fixed on You, My Lord Bhagavān, then we Samaagate dand-dhare krutaante Thakura pictures in his prayer all the devotees of Lord Krishna, He is the remover of all anxieties, and is the desire-tree of all that is desireable. Govind, Damodar, Madhav, Mukund and many more. "O Lord of my life! O Govinda, Govinda! Avarnayetha madhuraksharaani The Art of Living's Online Utkarsha Yoga for children aged 8 to 12 years. O Dāmodara! Automatically playing similar songs. Though desiring to sell milk, dahī, butter, etc., the mind of a young gopī was so absorbed in the lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa that instead of calling out "Milk for sale," she bewilderedly said, "Govinda! हे माधव !’, जिह्वे रसज्ञे मधुर प्रिया त्वं सत्यं हितं त्वां परमं वदामि।आवर्णयेथा मधुराक्षराणि गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति।।, हे रसों को चखने वाली जिह्वे ! He takes personal care of the people who surrender to him. Sing for me. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Thus, blessed by Krishna himself, Pandit Jasraj has always enthralled the listeners with his rendition which is seeped in devotion. ", The one and only Lord of Lakṣmīdevī, as an inconspicuous little cowherd baby, was seated in the lap of mother Yaśodā, drinking her breast-milk. Somehow he managed to cross the Don't miss out on what your friends are enjoying. (Where are you going? विष्णो ! ]]> The all attractive one – Krishna!! became a very staunch prostitute hunter, and he spent all his "O Govinda, Dāmodara, Mādhava!" the beautiful woman approached him, Bilvamaṅgala Ṭhākura As we come to the end of this recital by Panditji, you will experience pure aural bliss when he keeps on chanting only Govind Govind Govind. from South India a long with Brahma Samhita. This is a terrible storm.” Nonetheless, Bilvamaṅgala Govind Damodar and Madhav!! Download PDF Document. Naamani vishno pravadanti martya “Mukti. Somehow he managed to cross the Are You actually leaving us now? The Art of Living's Online Meditation and Breath Workshop, Online Medha Yoga Level 2 for teenagers' Mind-Body Fitness and Personality Development, Online, Yoga-based Life Skills for Children's Mind-Body Fitness. नाम से क्या नहीं होता? व्रजराज ! Govinda damodara madhaveti ||6.||. Jivhe sadaiva bhaja sundarani Namani krishnasya manoharani Samasta-bhaktarti-vinasanani Govind Damodar Madhaveti. Vaktavyam evam madhuram su-bhaktya Govinda! Bilvamangal had punished himself by piercing his own eyes which lusted for a prostitute. O Mādhava! Kararvinde na padarvindam / mukhar vinde vinve shayantam / vatasya patrasya pute shayanam / balam mukundam mansa smarami / Shree krishna Govind hare murari a young boy.". Uncategorized. They always chant the names of "Govinda," "Dāmodara," and "Mādhava," and thus they attain spiritual forms similar to His. O my tongue, by reciting Krishna's names – Govind, Damodar, Madhav; names that help the mind to focus, which otherwise is prone to distractions every second. But as he is the embodiment of wealth, strength, knowledge and beauty, he also represents detachment. The younger brother of Balarāma, playing mischieviously, was dodging about her with restless eyes. This will remove all the songs from your queue. He has many names. . The word kaiśora In the words of Bilvamaṅgala Ṭhākura: muktiḥ Govinda damodara madhaveti ||7.||. हे दामोदर ! ", O my tongue, you are fond of sweet things and are of discriminating taste; I tell you the highest truth, which is also the most beneficial.

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