4 9 0 c. 130 b. Eleven students play soccer. Total no. Total students chose camping = 5 = 26 – (8+12) Students chose Baseball = 6 balls 5TH GRADE. = 14 students, Question 4. So, the correct answer is an option (C). The line plot shows the number of goals the players on Scot’s team scored. The product includes the following ready-to-print resources;*Line Plot Activity with Questions*Bar Graph Activity with Questions* Picture Graph Activity with Questions*Keys for each activity.Each activity is aligned with common core stan, What is this product?★This is a math test designed from the Go Math curriculum for fourth grade. Change all the digits to the right of the rounding place to zero. Part A So, the answer is true, Question 1. of children Includes animated/editable google slides, student notebook pages, worksheets, center activities, and small group lesson ideas!! d. 393, Given that there are 219 adults and 174 children in a ballet How many students chose camping? = 4 Options: Explanation: We can see in the graph as 11 students played soccer. Explain how you would change the bar graph to show the number of students who play the trumpet. c. 161 i. Options: Suppose 3 students changed their answers to reading instead of doing homework. False, The above tally table shows that the number of finches = 8 d. 600, Makenzie has 517 stickers in her collection Number of votes for Park Pick up = 6 ________ shells, Robin collects 3 shells which were 5 inches long and 1 shell was 8 inches long. How many more students chose math than language arts as their favorite subject? Therefore 10 more students travel by car or bus to school than students who walk to school. Number of paws for bird = 4 580 Explanation: To know total no. Subtract Number of tickets sold in Mrs. Gold’s from Mr. Castro’s Class 800 All GO MATH GRADE 2 CHAPTER 3 Lesson Plans (3.1 – 3.11) Vocabulary is also provided with definitions. Daily apps enable students to build fluency with the Common Core Math Standards. Complete the table and explain how you found the answer. Rewards encourage your child to keep learning more and more. Students spent the most time watching TV after dinner is between 2 and 4 i.e., 3 students, Question 2. Each star = 4 students There are 219 adults and 174 children at a ballet. 178 is greater than 150, so the number 178 rounded to the nearest hundred is 200, Question 4. $ ________, There are no Xs above $15, there were no shirts sold for $15, Question 1. 10+10+10+5 = 35 4th Grade Chapter 2 Go Math Review Packet This file is a PDF. c. 13 Therefore a total of 19 students play either baseball or soccer. Explain how you solved the problem. ■ = ______ students, If 10 student chose cartoons, we can use a key that is a factor of 10 We get 413 A brief explanation of the topics is discussed in the Solution Key of Grade 3 Go Math Chapter 2 Represent and Interpret Data. How many more bottles do they need to recycle in Week 4 to meet that goal? 3 shells were 9 inches long d. 571, Here we have to subtract 650 from 189 Students who spent the most time playing a game after dinner = 8 Ten more students play guitar than play flute. At Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, we aim to Seven students practiced 4 hours or less each week. and each ■ = 2 students, Question 1. How many pictures did you draw for Week 2? a. Differentiation for, Complete unit for teaching Go Math Chapter 3! 14 a. We have to subtract the number of shells was 8 inches long from the number of shells were 5 inches long ________ students, Number of students chose summer = 28 Question 13. Explain. To know the students chose summer than fall 4+2 =6 = 6. 2 + 2 people = 2 musical notes, Question 3. 100 bottles 60 fish ______ sandwiches. = 3 students, Question 6. i. of hockey and football cards does Kyle have combined d. 600, Sum of 523 and 295 d. 8, Given, Tommy is making a picture graph to show his friends’ favorite kind of music Describe what the line plot would look like. 5 Find the sum. Now, we have to add the total number of tickets sold = 45 + 25 + 30 = 100 tickets, Question 4. If the number is greater than 150 then it would equal to 200 Savannah read 178 minutes last week. 470 ii. ________. c. 270 So, the correct answer is option (C), Question 2. Type below: Each tick = 5 tickets No. 461 Explain how you found the total. Ten more students play basketball than play football. 2 shells were 7 inches long Explanation: He saw 2 fewer moose than foxes, not 4. of students who scored 95 = 3 How many more students live about 2 miles or less from school than students who live about 3 miles from school? d. Five fewer students play football than play soccer. 28 – 14 = 14 i.e., 13 – 3 = 10, Question 2. d. 11, Number of votes for food drive = 13 For 4 people =? a table that uses numbers to record data. True 2+2+2+2+2+2+1 = 13 students Home; Navigation. How many fewer cards does Todd have than Judy? ——– Now, subtract the no. During Chapter 2, students will learn about data- how it is organize and how to create bar graphs, picture graphs, and line graphs. __________, Students who scored 90 = 3 and a half star How much did she spend in all? Now we have to add the players who scored more than 1 goal Chapter 4 Practice Test. This chapter can improve student’s math skills, by referring to the Go Math Grade 3 Answer Key Chapter 2 Represent and Interpret Data Assessment Test, and with the help of this Go Math Grade 3 Assessment Test Answer Key, students can score good marks in the examination. Relate Adding and Subtracting d. 184, Given, You will have your students organized and ready to learn during independent, small group, or whole group math block. Sue spent $39 on a jacket and $12 on a hat 200 Choose the name from each box that makes the sentence true. Question 2. Number of votes for cereals = 14, Question 3. Number of ticks sold in Mr. Castro’s Class = 6 ✓ Given that each symbol = 5 cans, Total no of cans collected = 17 × 5 = 85 cans. Three friends are collecting canned food for the food bank. To know how many students walk and ride a bike combined It includes activities for each of the lessons for Go Math Common Core Second Grade Chapter Three. Number of tickets sold in Mrs. Gold’s Class = 5 ✓ b. 5 The two least popular vegetables are broccoli and green beans ________ students, Students who scored 100 (5 stars) = 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 20 student Go Math Grade 3 Solution Key Chapter 2 Represent and Interpret Data includes all the important lessons which helps to improve your math skills.

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