Cairn Terriers are natural chasers, and they are hard-pressed to not follow their instincts to chase small furry animals, including other pets like cats and hamsters . Bred for working, this breed requires moderate daily exercise to keep him happy and healthy. Your email address will not be published. The Cairn Terrier is a generally healthy dog breed. This hardy dog lives an average of 13 – 15 years, and is a generally healthy breed. Send Message. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The Cairn Terrier originated in Scotland as a skilled vermin hunter. • Cream Meet the Cairn Terrier Some of these dogs may become shy if they are not properly socialized. Sorted by state. Having been put to work to sniff out and scare off small furry creatures, and even animals as big as foxes and otters in larger groups, this dog will be protective over his family and property. These instinctual behaviors won’t go away completely, but they can be minimized and directed to more positive outlets. Fortunately, cairn terrier grooming is considered rather easy since cairn terrier shedding is pretty mild. Cairn Terrier. We always recommend early health screening with any dog you are considering bringing into your household. They are a very healthy dog with a non-shedding coat and when groomed has an elegant look. K&M Kennel. Be sure you can provide this daily interaction. While breeder prices are going to be much higher than those of shelter prices, with fees running anywhere from $500 to $1000, one benefit of going through a breeder is that you’ll have the opportunity to ask important questions. Cairn Terriers are tough little dogs, which makes them highly adaptable. So, it’s important to keep training kind and positive. Prospective owners are encouraged to ask to see hard copy results of any testing/exams. Jessica and Joe are the owners of Foxcreek and have been raising and caring for puppies for over 30 years, having experience in a variety of dog related adventures. Read on to learn more about the Cairn Terrier. Along with his fox and otter hunting skills, the cairn terrier was known for his phenomenal digging skills because he stalked other, smaller pray. Although active and inquisitive, the cairn terrier is small and only requires a modest amount of exercise. CTCA Code of Ethics While the father dog is not always available, the mother often is. Your email address will not be published. Although they weren’t named in print until 1887, Cairn Terriers have been known since the 1600s. Be sure to provide adequate social interaction everyday do that they don’t become destructive or anxious. You should also keep in mind that the carin terrier is an active, busy breed who enjoys exploring and digging. Cairn Terriers can also suffer from separation anxiety, and do not do well when left alone for extended periods of time. 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Having a Dog, English Cream Golden Retriever Dog Breed Facts, Everything You Need To Know About Teacup Pomeranian, Top 10 Benefits of Having a Yorkshire Terrier, 25 Dogs Look Like Teddy Bears – Teddy Bear Dogs, Top 10 Benefits Of Having A German Shepherd, Pomeranian Husky Mix – 12 Facts You Should Know About, Krabbe disease (globoid cell leukodystrophy). Brushing your dog’s teeth every day is ideal to reduce tartar buildup and help prevent tooth decay or other dental problems. Use the options below to find your perfect canine companion! Early health screening could help you to either avoid or prepare for certain inheritable conditions predisposed to the breed. That said, their friendliness, cleverness, and all-around happy nature makes them adaptable to most situations and you won’t be disappointed in the loyalty of your new family member. Know that this breed will be ever watchful and vigilant, but don’t expect them to be able to protect you too much. While these dogs are affectionate and will snuggle, you are much more likely to find them, tail in air, sniffing out backyard vermin and playing with the kids. • Tan Celebrated for his cheerful disposition and curious nature, the cairn terrier is an active little dog who exhibits fearlessness in all his exploits. Experts believe that the cairn terrier is one of Scotland’s oldest terrier breeds, however, the certainty of his origin is unclear because he was for so long included in a group of different terriers known as “Scotch terriers.”.

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