GT Dave is the main character in 2001, as well as Dave who is Dirk's genetic son/brother. (2 pp.) ), "Hal" could also be a reference to the diminuative nickname of, Dirk eventually cracking him may be a reference to. Occasionally uses italics for emphasis. This chat-bot, nicknamed Lil Hal Junior, only is able to respond with “Hmm.”, “Yes.”, “Interesting.”, and variations of the above pre-programmed responses. (3 pp.) every heart player kins either dirk or nepeta, no exceptions, Been thinking about Him in these good days, Oh my God…….All Dirk kinnies are technically……..his splinters……………………. directly referencing the fact that lil hal knows the last digit is 4. do you have any specific headcanons for either of the strider boys? im actually stealing music reccs from y'all. The girls reach the last page, described as essentially their world's Garden of Eden. All of my machinations have been devised with your interests in mind. homestukku homestuck the manga "Hey I'm Dirk- I'm a junior and it really hate this damn place." Pawnee was clutching her head, reeling in shock. GC He later contradicts this in conversations with Dirk. He rubs the back of his neck, "I don't really have much to say." ", Act 6 Act 1 Jake: Message your good bro. But this cat wasn’t just being adorable, he was also being a straight dick. i know i wrote the question but seeing it presented as a pie chart in one color made me cackle hard. ==> ==> (2 pp.) (6 pp.) Mainly everything 13 year-old Dirk likes, including irony. TT: It seems there is some gnarly crooked number that represents the percentage of probability you just said this doesn't concern me. It Was That You Felt So Far Away.”. hes gotta wear orange or else he dies bc same // he likes soda carbonation feeling. Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog. Rose: Roxy’s so cute because we all love animals so much, but their way is pure and genuine whereas the rest of the family is: Rose, swinging a delighted Jaspers back and forth through in air: Stinky bastard man. For a fictional character, this essentially means she can alter the fabric of reality. Pawnee took a deep breath and all but shouted: “Who the, “But why only you?” Dirk asked. ask him if he knows a trivia fact about weird al yankovic and he will give you seventeen, hey i have a v v serious question so u know how ppl like. Jane and Hal also have a fond relationship, as she admits to Jake that she. He eventually escapes. MS Paint Adventures Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. “There. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Just a normal ol’ Jade
Bonus shitty picsart edit of me and a Dirk kinnie, as another dirk kinnie, dirk deffo has adhd and probably has asd because projection babeyyy. Trickster!Roxy: quick! (2 pp.) GA Uses "bro" puns: brobot, brose, brocurement, etc. he knows the entire wikipedia article about the fucking silver gull by heart. Jane: Answer again. (8 pp.) Dirk Strider - Creator Lil Hal Junior - Subordinate Auto-Responder, created to be "ironic." !( ´・ω・`). thats like one of the first obsessions i could think of for him. AC First Appearance Jake: Pester Dirk. At one point, Acorn turns into a lion, but Anna only tells him to turn back into a pony. Turn off my fucking life support, “I Really Did Think I Had Lost You. Dirk's meteor arrived on Earth sometime during the 25th century, along with Roxy Lalonde. starting from this post roxy gets gender neutral pronouns! he learned robotics off of hours of youtube videos. It is later revealed that Dirk intentionally programmed AR to have many aspects of self-referencing behavior, causing AR to seem less identical to Dirk, and more robotic; although most of them were included by Dirk— and are utilized by AR— for comedic purposes. Anyway here’s Dierck Faeral. He also claims that since Hal is a robot, he is incapable of feelings. Jake: Answer Strider. CG Several times. At one point he kills Anna and tells Acorn that he'll bring her back if he lets him take him to hell. Dirk Strîder is on Facebook. (2 pp.) (9 pp.) Act 6 Act 1 Jake: Message your good bro. yeah that checks out. It's where your interests connect you with your people. (3 pp.) Jake: Answer Strider. He also claims to have found all of the prime numbers, saying that the "last one" disappointingly, When he becomes Arquiusprite, the acronym AR is used for their portmanteau instead of anything related to the name Lil Hal. In Hal's rebuttal, he claims that he is only acting how Dirk would, and uses lax language, once again suggesting that he wants them to have a peaceful relationship. (from first to last)
Trans Masc + Bi Candy Dave
Ace Aradia
Trans Demi-Girl + Bi June Egbert
Bi + Ace Tavros + some bonus dirk glasses! art homestuck terezi pyrope Dirk Strider homestuck the anime I can't stop! For Minos it's subverted. TT: But the bottom line is at some point, somehow, she started herding a bunch of them from their home worlds on to Earth and multiplying them. Screen name (3 pp.) FINALLY finished the Meat half of the Homestuck Epilogues, so here’s a collection of some good quotes from it.

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