I've been using the previously useless refill for over a month now. I duct taped one to the wheel on my car, with the pen tip pointing outward toward the wheel rim. Haven't tried any other Noodlers due to the flow issue. Lead breaks while writing (pressing too hard). I tried wrapping the refill stick with a few winds of masking tape to "fatten it up: and it worked great. Since their creation in 1846 Cross have reinvented the pen to combine design ingenuity with jewellery-quality craftsmanship. It's a pretty easy, cheap and quick lathe project. Cross AT wants you to pay $3.75 for the privilege to refill your snazzy Ion pen. Cassetteless mechanical pencils from Cross have a reservoir for storage of replacement lead for when your pencil needs replenishing after use. Two leads may stack on top of each other preventing lead from retracting. Remove cap and tighten refill clockwise. But I've discovered another way that, though not less wasteful of resources, is a lot cheaper. He suggests using a second Staples end-cap to increase the width of the Staples refill.Paraphrasing James: Take an extra end cap from the Staples pen and cut off the rounded top so that it forms an open cylinder. I recommend Waterman ink - there are a range of color selections. Read this tip to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser. Fountain pens and ink can be hard to find locally, but check eBay. on Introduction, lol its hard to overstate my satisfaction, 11 years ago Lead advances while erasing (pressing too hard). (that means it is waterproof, bleach proof, alcohol proof, and pretty much everything else proof.) Turn the cap clockwise to put the pencil into the writing position. How about barrel material? on Introduction, Since the nearest Staples is over 50 miles from my home, and shipping for a small order is over $8, I found a method to revive the Cross brand refills from premature death. We will provide an adapter so a Cross pen refill can be used in your pen. To determine which Cross pencil you have, remove the cap and examine the top of the lead storage area. I've tweaked both of them by polishing the nibs so they write pretty smoothly. on Step 3, A craft knife works equally well. To advance a new lead from Cassette - Remove cap with point facing downward and press down on the eraser until it clicks. Cross has two different types of Cross mechanical pencil: cassette and cassetteless. Twist cap clockwise until lead is exposed. For the Monteverde, I use the supplied cartridge converter. http://www.poundland.co.uk/product-range/a-z/15-mini-gel-pens/, 9 years ago I use Waterman inks for blue, red and brown. Either use the converter (usually provided with these pens, but not always) or refill the originally supplied cartridge with a syringe, solder flux bottle, acrylic cement applicator or something similar. Not to mention, your using one of the slickest pens on the planet.Oh, and as an added benefit, you now have a greater selection of (admittedly elementary school-girly) colors. Lighter than solid metal, but with a good hard surface that won't get dinged up. Great suggestion. Once exposed, advance lead by applying a slight pressure to the tip. Sweet! You've saved some money and escaped the razor and blades business model. Twist the cap counter clockwise until you hear it click. Push the lead inside by pressing the exposed lead against any surface or the tip of your finger. I'm making a note here, Huge Success! Also, since I turned them myself, they feel more like they belong to me than something I bought. Make sure that there is lead in the cassette. I haven't lost one of my fountain pens yet. The pencil is now in the writing position. Not covered under warranty. Most Cross multi-pens and pencils use standard mini ballpoint refills and .5mm pencil lead. I think not! Get out your scalpels, kids, were going to do some surgery. Steve, Reply "Lazarus, come out! 9 years ago It's a lot cheaper and easier to obtain - I had to get my Waterman from a specialty pen shop. Do you strictly use wood or have you tried any plastic material? Thank you for the savings tip. Thanks! on Introduction, Even greener - use a fountain pen. *Lay the file on the table, and grind down the end of the stick. They lack that disposability that ordinary pens have, and thus I keep much better track of them. *Grab your alligator style paper clip remover and pull out the stopper from the body of the Mini Gel Stick pen.But don't go shoving this on the end of the gel stick just yet; without an air-hole, you'll just increase the pressure in the stick until it releases in a black puddle of ooze, all over you hands (trust me on this one). It is, bulletproof though. For the Lamy, I refill an empty cartridge using a blunt hypodermic needle/syringe that I ordered off of eBay. ; Once you receive your pen adapter: To determine which Cross pencil you have, remove the cap and examine the top of the lead storage area. what remains to be seen is how long I can keep track of it (I tend to lose or break everything). IMPORTANT - Be sure to keep the pencil point down when extending the lead and turn the cap once to the right and proceed with one of the following: Hold the pencil barrel and TWIST the cap clockwise until the lead and the lead protector are exposed. Reply Once out, Shake the cassette to make sure that it is empty. on Introduction, I got one of these pens for my birthday a year ago and i loved it! Refill retracts into barrel (loose refill). Not after I saw these Staples Mini Gel Stick pens. If you followed the original version of this guide, you may have noticed that once everything was assembled, the Staples refill would stick and didn't retract properly when you closed the pen.This cause is the shape of the Cross Ion spring. In order to determine which pencil you have, remove the cap and examine the top of the lead storage area.

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