The less explored, intricate world of forensic science and the deep mysticism of ancient Indian Mythology. Nikhil Nair, a former forensic officer-turned-teacher at the FBI HQ, has his heart at investigation but is forced to stick to an academic role to fulfil his famili… The story through the eyes of Himmat Singh is based on the inspiration was taken from Nineteen Years of nationally significant events, several espionage missions were undertaken by India in the last two decades. You remember those American crime stories where the green fields engulf corpses and hid double-edged daggers. His father is shown calling him an, The episode continues with another glimpse of the story set 18 years ago where it is revealed that Shubh shows symptoms of. Dhananjay, with help from Naina, is able to hack into the firewall of the NIC, which gives the date, place and time of birth of people. Knowing that the killer could very well come after him, Dhananjay stakes himself and asks Naina to manipulate the NIC database in order to get the killer to promptly plan his murder. 10 years earlier, Nikhil finds out that DJ had framed the evidence to send Shubh to prison, which is the reason why Nikhil resigned from the CBI. Kesar helps Dhananjay by reading the horoscopes of all the victims and find out they belong to a specific Hindu zodiac sign. Asur Web series. Asur is a story of a man fighting his inner demons and troubled childhood in the garb of myth, dharma and religion. A unique crime thriller that pits two opposing worlds against each other. In the present timeline, Nikhil almost succeeds in finding out the murderer's location, but an automated tranquilizer attack results in the killer successfully capturing Nikhil alive in a remote location with no access, and Dhananjay is behind bars. With the clock ticking, and the pressure mounting, another body with the same mask is recovered. A perfect murder carried out by Nikhil himself! Though Sacred Games will also be the pioneer in this segment Asur has got its game right. The less explored, intricate world of forensic science and the deep mysticism of ancient Indian Mythology. Event Name: Asur 2020 Hindi Season 01 Language: Hindi Genres: Web series ,Crime Quality: 720p HDRip Stars: Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka, Ridhi Dogra. Meanwhile, Nikhil, fearing Naina and their daughter Ria's safety, helps the killer murder a neuroscientist. A link in their pasts leads an honest cop to a fugitive gang boss, whose cryptic warning spurs the officer on a quest to save Mumbai from cataclysm. Dhananjay Rajput, a CBI officer portrayed by Arshad Warsi has been blamed for the murder of his wife. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Meanwhile, Dhananjay tries to figure out how it's all connected. The latest such show on the block, Voot Select’s Asur does its job quite neatly. The young child is emotionless and it is shown that the child presumably poisoned his father. CBI officer Dhananjay Rajput (Arshad Warsi) has been accused of his wife’s murder and his former colleague Nikhil Nair (Barun Sobti) is the only one with willingness and expertise to solve the mystery. Description: A unique crime thriller that pits two opposing worlds against each other. The investigation takes a wild turn as Dhananjay finds out the mutilated and charred body found earlier was in fact of his wife - Sandhya. The investigation takes a wild turn as Dhananjay finds himself smack in the middle of chaos. For the sake of his family, will Nikhil murder his own mentor? Release Dates Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side On the one hand, Nikhil gives in to the killer's demand time and on the other DJ is pulling all stops to catch the killer before it too late. And this has been done in the most obvious way. Set in the backdrop of the mystical city of Varanasi, Asur follows Nikhil Nair, a forensic-expert-turned-teacher, who returns to his roots at the Central Bureau of Investigation, and along with his former mentor Dhananjay Rajpoot, finds himself caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a brutal serial killer. It is a thriller, crime web-series starring Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka and Ridhi Dogra. The less explored, intricate world of forensic science and the deep mysticism of ancient Indian Mythology. And Why Now? Description: A unique crime thriller that pits two opposing worlds against each other. With Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Riddhi Dogra, Anupriya Goenka. Created by Gaurav Shukla. A psychopath killer with a twisted philosophy deep-seated in Indian mythology is on the loose. At present, Nikhil is assigned DJ as the next victim and tells the killer that he has to go to jail to kill him since the central jail has high surveillance. Stella McCartney; Age of Innocence; AI Riders; Babe & Tess They give him an excuse to position himself as a mythical figure in the modern era and to be a mastermind behind a series of killings in India in the name of social justice. There’s Delhi with high IQ yet struggling officers and there’s Banares with even higher IQ criminals. This FAQ is empty. This series just asks one question - how far will you go to protect the one you love. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? 24 of 33 people found this review helpful. From this, Dhananjay realizes that the next victim is Jalan. Season 1 for Asur aired on 05 Mar '20 and available to watch online on streaming platform Voot. The budget and hence the production value could still be a constraint but it’s turning out really well on the storytelling part. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Additionally, a female journalist, a Hindu preacher and an Islamic preacher are locked in a chamber where they have only 12 hours of oxygen supply available. Add the first question. Dhananjay, with his team, comprising Nikhil's ex-girlfriend Nushrat, hacker Rasool Shaikh, and a few other officers working directly under Lolark, tries to find the connection between the victims and concludes that they were all good people with no criminal records. The less explored, intricate world of forensic science and the deep mysticism of ancient Indian Mythology. People use mymovierack for rating, reviewing and keeping track of watchlist. A unique crime thriller that pits two opposing worlds against each other. [4] What follows is a blend of suspense, mythology and the murders of some people totally unrelated. It is created by Oni Sen. Asur is currently streaming at Voot. Naina has, meanwhile, left Ria to the care of a househelp. It loses the sheen towards the last episodes though. 11 years later, Nikhil Nair, a forensic expert teaching at the FBI HQ, receives coordinates of an unknown location from a mysterious source only to find out a completely mutilated, tortured and charred body back in India. Lolark shares this information with Dhananjay, who says they need to find out what kind of Asur he is trying to be to understand his thought process. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. He is subtle, unassuming and nuanced. Shubh doesn't show much remorse and instead starts preaching from within the prison, as a wilful follower joins him and becomes his first disciple. Two forensic officers from the CBI are close on heals to catch the serial killer but with a twist of fate, they get caught in a dreadful situation. Asur season 1 has 8 episodes. There are eight episodes in Season 1, and each episode is 55 minutes long. Company Credits Download our mobile app for your tablet and mobile! Designers . Asur Web Series All Episodes. The length of each episode varies from 3h minutes to 1 hour. A shocking incident at a wedding procession ignites a series of events entangling the lives of two families in the lawless city of Mirzapur. is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language crime thriller web series produced by Tanveer Bookwala of Ding Entertainment for the video on demand platform Voot. The Haunting of Bly Manor Download at 1080p stream it... A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting Download... BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky Download at 1080p stream... Types of Pollution “Pollution is the introduction of substances, Whipped Download at 1080p stream it or skip it, Civil Services Reforms Civil Service Reform is a deliberate chnage effort. The sudden death of a priest right in front of his teenage son sends people in a frenzy. Though Arshad Warsi spearheads Asur Sobti slowly makes it his own. A unique crime thriller that pits two opposing worlds against each other. Is he guilty or not ? After the death of the father, DJ tells everyone that he died due to poisoning not drowning. Desperately waiting for the season two. The look and feel of Asur are also relatively new to the Indian audience.

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