0000005840 00000 n trailer l Name: _Answer Key_______________ Date: _____________________ Block: _______ Chapter 5: Creating the Constitution Article 5 Amending the Constitution Directions: Complete the following outline of Article 5 by filling in the missing words. Those Are the Flags of Various Gangster Mobs and Millionaires. Relations Among the States. 0 ��f� They will figure out the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and compare it to the US Constitution. %PDF-1.6 %���� Clause 3: Bills of Attainder; Ex Post Facto Congress cannot pass a ________bill of attainder_________ or ________ex post facto__________ laws. l Jurisdiction: l The right of a court to hear a case. The articles of confederation to the united states constitution. Section 6: ___Compensation, Privileges, and Restrictions__ Clause 1: Salaries; Immunities A member of Congress cannot be ______sued_____ for anything he or she says on the _____floor______ of Congress. Section 7: ___Revenue Bills and President’s Veto________ Clause 2: How a Bill Becomes a Law; the Veto A proposed law is known as a _____bill______ The _____President________ can ____veto____, or reject a bill by sending it back to the house where it was introduced. The Civil Rights Movement: Cartoons as a Means of Protest, Bryan is the Ablest Worker for Sound Money, The Equal Rights Amendment: Viewing Women’s Issues Through Political Cartoons, The Great Depression: The Role of Political Parties, But the Old Tree Was a Mighty Good Producer. Learn math tutorials 502353 views. Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence, Common Sense: Thomas Paine and American Independence, Daily Life of Revolutionary War Soldiers: An Artifact Analysis, Fort Laurens, Ohio, and the American Revolution, Tarring and Feathering - Political Activism, The Boston Massacre - Analyzing the Evidence, The Boston Massacre - Paul Revere's Engraving, Cahokia and the Mississippian Native Culture, Progression of Transportation in Ohio and the West, Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase, The Underground Railroad and the Fugitive Slave Act, Trade Silver: Analyzing Trade Goods Desired by Native Americans, Transporting Ohio Goods to Market in the 1840s, Petition to Ohio Governor Huntington from Chief Tarhe, Back to History Primary Source Activities, Cold Cases: Lessons in Historical Skills and Methods, Byrd Quoted in National Geographic Magazine, Unpublished Writings by Byrd, "How I Pick My Men". Students will write an essay on how  the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation were improved in the US Constitution. 0000004983 00000 n Students will be introduced to the primary documents of the Articles of Confederation and US Constitution. 0000011958 00000 n It does not really provide a thorough ... Understanding how to go about finding the answers to Precalculus Inverse Functions Worksheet Answers can be a real challenge. The president has the power to grant a ____reprieve____ or a _____pardon______ Clause 2: ___Treaties and Appointments___ The president has the power to make _______treaties_________ with other nations. Congress can override the President’s ____veto_____ if each house of Congress passes the bill again by a ______2/3’s______ vote Section 8: ___Powers of Congress____________________ Clause 1 Congress has the power to ____tax______ and spend _______tax______ money. 43210, Designed and built by ASCTech Web Services, Creating the Nation: The Revolution & Constitutional Development, Government: Rules & Laws 19.) We Germans eat countries! l Appeals Court: l Decides if a lower court decided a case properly (does not try the case). Who Won the Race to the North Pole: Cook or Peary? Chapter 5: Creating the Constitution Civics Chapter 5: Creating the Constitution Civics Chapter 5: Creating the Constitution Civics Chapter 5: Creating the Constitution Civics ! �wt00 0000000016 00000 n Answer the analysis questions that follow. If you're like most, you're confused by the lack of info out there. l Executive Branch: l The branch of government, headed by the President, that enforces the laws of the land. The Father of Our Country as Seen by His Children, Roosevelt As the Rising Sun of Yankee Imperialism, Uncle Sam’s New Class in the Art of Self-Government, You Can Hear the Same 'Program' Closer to Home, Business v. Labor and the Role of Government, Between Two of a Kind: The Consumer Suffers When These Two Trusts Fall Out, Come, Brothers, You Have Grown So Big You Cannot Afford to Quarrel, Progressive Democracy - Prospect of a Smash Up, The Coming Man's Presidential Career, á la Blondin, Cartooning the Collapse of the Soviet Union, Republican Principles vs. Democratic Principles, Cold War Conflict in Korea: 'The Powerful and Powerless United Nations'. xref The ___Congress__, whenever two-thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, ___shall propose amendments___ to this Constitution, or on the application of the legislatures of two-thirds of the several states, ___shall call a convention for proposing amendments___, in either case, ___shall be valid___ to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, ___when ratified by the legislatures of ¾’s of several states___, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by Congress. Article 2: The Executive Branch Section 1: ___President and Vice President________________ Clause 1: _______Term__________ The president is responsible for ______executing_____, or carrying out the laws passed by Congress. It’s all-important to ask yourself some very serious questions about what you’re going to develop and the business you mean to begin. Simplifying Radicals With Variables Worksheet Answers, Linear Equations And Inequalities Worksheet Answers. 0000001469 00000 n l Name: _Answer Key_______________ Date: _____________________ Block: _______ Chapter 5: Creating the Constitution Article 4 Relations Among the States Directions: Complete the following outline of Article 4 of the U.S. Constitution by filling in the missing information of the different sections and clauses. 230 Annie and John Glenn Avenue The central government was weak since the vast majority of the power rested against the states and Congress wasn’t given the capability to tax. %PDF-1.4 %���� trailer i�2�]i��@��4e��@8旪5��u�4U��H�*�Ҥ\U^�*��Y���B�#�����A�B�XDK�Bl$�� C��"�XM�!>J#6�(7�$P�g�X"p$�`�s�"#ȁ��zDѢ�������ioO���>���l����!3��sgCCCub$ �62+u�5����TD�l��HQdM�$勊��z�'��C�� ����< b$Y�}#�Hv,��A�!d/"�;e`*��W0�[sT��?�� �q�]�i�ّ�R[]��亲-��q��ه��Z���2 �:A"���C�?�aw+��?�����ƚ����if��:�l��a�ʼn �?�����ZG,ʒ��n��3�y�HW=��|p���;?���M��~�%�h��ҹ�����qm�s;�����IP�.��?T�S�lh����&�#3����ͨ�K�t 9��u9������ە�b#b|�u;�'�`���e9j?�쮴�k;\�����pq��mIs��9��-��\�i��#�rh�����B:o.� �ߊC�h�'x^KN|�_E|��O&B Nq,p�f3��q���OX��\ٞ�xY ~Ú�+��!�s�1�~�:�x�B�"!�����4l�q���1ZPK�0�g���c��4�p�I��H�oPL�B���6�.���5o��c�I���d7HE��Z�d�0�������a��3���^�mp� �NjA^FRs��'��t8�H Section 1: ___Validity of Debts___ The U.S. government promised to pay all ____debts____ and honor all agreements made under the _____Articles of Confederation________. Articles of Confederation chart (page 75), the Articles of Confederation Excerpts (pages 76–77), and Constitution Excerpts (pages 78–79), one copy per group Procedure 1 In this lesson, students will compare the Articles of Confederation to the United States Constitution. 0000003043 00000 n 0000001036 00000 n Article 4: Relations Among the States Section 1: ___Full Faith and Credit________ Each state must recognize the official ___acts___ and __records__ of any other state. While the states remained sovereign and independent, no state was supposed to impose limitations on the trade or the movement of citizens of a different state not imposed by itself. There are a lot of means. Section 5: ___Legislative Proceedings_________________ Clause 1: Organization A quorum is: _the smallest number of members who must be present for business to be conducted____________________________________________________________ Clause 2: Rules A member of Congress can only be forced out by a _________2/3’s________ vote. Hey, man...like I don't care what it's costing...I need it. A firm league of friendship among states effective as of march 1 1781 until september 171787 us. �6>Ң\/��3��8p2X�Þ3@���Ad$� ���F x�bbr``b``Ń3� ��� � ��� It is preferable to personalize the worksheet dependent on the account of the learner. Two years for representatives. 0000069202 00000 n Department of History 0000012906 00000 n Strenghs Of The Articles Of Confederation Nonessay, The Articles Of Confederation For Apush Simple Easy Direct, Articles Of Confederation 8th Grade Social Studies, Articles Of Confederation Vs Constitution Lesson Plan For 8th Grade, Articles Of Confederation And Constitution Worksheet Bundle With Key, 10 Best Images Of Articles Constitution Worksheet United States, Articles Of Confederation Weaknesses And Strengths Chart Ibov, U S Constitution Versus The Articles Of Confederation History, 17 Best Images Of Articles Of Confederation 1 7 Worksheet Us, Road To The Constitution Creating The United States Exhibitions, Professional Who Can Do My Essay Assignment Make A Essay Online, Custom Essays Co Uk Feedback Buy Custom Written Literature Essay, An Analysis Of The Articles Of Confederation On The Topic Of United, Ap United States History 2011 Scoring Guidelines Form B, Articles Of Confederation Vs Constitution Venn Diagram Circular, Articles Of Confederation Essay Creative Writing Prompts For 10th, Quiz Worksheet Pros Cons Of The Articles Of Confederation, Pictures Of Articles Of Confederation Vs Constitution Venn Diagram, Unit Iv Worksheet Docx Unit Iv Scholarly Activity Constitution, Articles Of Confederation Vs Constitution All You Need To Know, What Are The Three Branches Of Government The Judicial Learning, Difference Between Articles Of Confederation Vs Constitution, The Articles Of Confederation Vs Constitution Venn Diagram Maydan, Federalists Versus Anti Federalists Overview In This Lesson. No matter what your company planning goals, cash flow stays the source in the organization, and cash is the only little small business function. 0000004016 00000 n 0000000596 00000 n Primary and secondary sources can be used to create historical narratives. If you would like to check your understanding of interactions within an ecosystem make your way through the quiz and worksheet. startxref Father, I Cannot Tell a Lie. Tune in Next Decade for the Exciting Conclusion. You’ve got the capability to cost-free download a lot of excellent worksheets online. The _____ratification of 9 states_____ shall be sufficient for the establishment of the Constitution between the states so ratifying the same. 0000016863 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n You need to get the answers you need for your Precalculus Inverse Function... (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Precalculus Inverse Functions Worksheet Answers, An Organized Table Worksheet Due Answer Key, Free Printable Thanksgiving Math Worksheets for 3rd Grade, Life Skills Worksheets for Recovering Addicts, Worksheet Chemical Bonding Ionic and Covalent Answers Part 2, Free 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets Multiple Choice, Articles of Confederation Worksheet Answer Key.

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